What is a Health Spending Account?

A Health Spending Account (HSA) is a pre-determined dollar amount, allotted by an employer each calendar year, to be spent on eligible health-related expenses for yourself and your dependents. No federal or provincial tax is paid on the money deposited into an employee’s HSA or the reimbursement they receive from their HSA, provided their claim is an eligible medical and/or dental expense. If it is not an eligible medical or dental expense, you will not be  reimbursed.

Eligible Expenses

Medical and/or dental expenses that are not currently covered by your group benefit plan, balances remaining after filed claims or when plans maximums have been reached.

– prescription drugs

– prescription eyeglasses/contact lenses

-- laser eye surgery

– massage therapy

– visits to a psychologist

– orthodontics

– nutritional counselling from a registered dietician

– “extra billing” charged by chiropractors, optometrists, physiotherapists, dentists

– any other expenses permitted and outlined by Canada Customs and Revenue Agency rules.


HSA Non Eligible Expenses

(expenses that will be reimbursed by your HSA, but will be recorded as a taxable benefit on payroll)

– health club or fitness memberships

– sports mouth guard

– electrolysis

– hospital room phone or television

– reflexologist

– finance fee for dental expenses

 *These expenses may be covered by a Wellness Plan. Talk to a Navigator for more information. 

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