Ensure Your Executives are Adequately Covered.

Most group benefit plans work well to provide adequate coverage for the average employee. But when your executives are anything but average, Navigate Financial Group can recommend a variety of options to create loyalty from your higher-ups and ensure they are adequately covered. 

Tri-Access is Information, Care and Coverage. With this product Canadians faced with a serious illness can achieve the optimal medical outcome with the financial coverage needed to connect them to top-quality second opinions at world class institutions as well as the best healthcare in leading centres of excellence.


Executive Disability Top Up. A group Benefit Plan is designed to be one size fits all but when it comes to the executive team it will often leave you short. We identify the need to increase disability coverage for higher income earners and ensure that your coverage provides the income you need in the event of a disability.


Key Person Insurance.  Does your business depend on a Key Employee? Key Person Insurance helps your business recover in the event of a loss or disability to someone who is invaluable to your company.


Corporate Asset Transfer. This strategy helps diversify your corporations asset mix in a tax-efficient manner. Provides liquidity and can help significantly increase the value of your corporation and what you are able to leave to your beneficiaries.

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