Investing In The Future.

Nearly half of all Canadians have no retirement savings. Offering a Group Retirement Program can be an effective tool to help employees save for the future while simultaneously increasing employee retention.


Navigate Financial Group offers both Registered Pension Plans (RPPs) and Registered Retirements Savings Plans (RRSPs), companies can choose which of these plans suits their needs best. Both plans offer employers and employees contributions accumulating on a tax deferred basis. 


There are two types of RPP’s A ‘Defined Contribution’ and a ‘Defined Benefit’. In a Defined Contribution plan, all contributions are guaranteed but the retirement income is not. This is the most common type of RPP. In a Defined Benefit plan, the pension plan promises to pay a certain amount of retirement income for life.


The other option, a Group RRSP, can offer advantages such as lower management fees, no minimum contributions and a customized employer-match program.


Speak to a Navigator to discuss group retirement plan options to help meet your business needs.

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